Pistoia capital of culture 2017


Pistoia is a city in Tuscany, halfway between Florence and Lucca. Although it’s not as famous as other cities, Pistoia is worth visiting because it treasures fascinating architectural and natural spots.
Easy to reach both by train and by car, the historic center of Pistoia can be visited in only a day and it will amaze you with its many monuments and churches.

First and foremost, visit Piazza Duomo: for centuries, it has been the center of civil and religious power and it includes several buildings of great artistic importance. Among them, the cathedral dedicated to San Zeno dominates the square with is romantic façade. The building’s look has changed several times over the centuries, and has undergone some baroque extensions.

Next to the Cathedral, you’ll see the Bell Tower, almost 67 meters tall.
Another interesting Square is the one standing beside Piazza Duomo and known as Piazzetta della Sala, with its renowned ancient well. Here, the vegetable market is held: visit it and grab some fresh tomatoes or try the tastiest lettuce you’ll ever find.
Later on, don’t miss the Ospedale del Ceppo: here, once, the ancient hospital used to be located, whereas now there is a museum dedicated to medicine and to ancient ways of healing.
If you are fond of books, you should visit the Biblioteca San Giorgio: its’ the largest library of Tuscany and it amazes its visitors for its elegant and welcoming atmosphere.
If, on the other side, you want to relax a bit in the midst of nature, give the Parco Villone Puccini a go. It’s a big park in the middle of the city, with a fancy kiosk and a nice small lake with many animals swimming in.

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